Tupiza Bolivia

Tupiza Bolivia

Tupiza Bolivia is located south of Potosi and is accessible by train. This cute small village with Spanish characteristics attracts many travelers and tourists every year due to their very colorful scenery and its strange geological formations. If you travel during the summer, you may want to spend your days bathing deliciously in rivers and hiking around the unique geological formations.

History of Tupiza Bolivia

The Inca Tupac Yupanqui troops once occupied the area known today as Tupiza, until the arrival of Diego Almagro and his men. In 1574, a village was built and took part in the making of Bolivian history, particuarly in the battle of Suipacha over the Spaniards.

Photo of Tupiza Bolivia

Photo of Tupiza Bolivia – by Elemaki

During the 1840 Peruvian invasion, Ballivian (the president at that time) took refuge in the village and prepared his army there before pushing the Peruvians back (1841’s Ingavi Battle). The first political socialist party in Bolivia was founded in Tupiza in 1905. Hastily, the wealthy family (Aramayo of silver mining) crushed its development.

Tourism in Tupiza Bolivia

As you arrives in Tupiza, from Great Lipez’s lost lagoons, or accompanying llama’s caravan on the salt road that barters between the central valleys and highland, we assure you pleasant feeling will seize you 🙂 The city’s soft evening light on multicolored mountains, the cactus’ shadows, the canyons, the slow plodding of people on horseback, and the “Red Earth” of Southern Bolivia, gives Tupiza a western feel. East of this city is Tarija, don’t miss out on visting this region as its a wine-growing town, with their high-altitude red wines and particularly well-known Singani can offer you a rich cuisine. This part of Tupiza is packed with amazing paleontological treasures and cave paintings, not to mention the eye-widening nature reserves of Tariquia and Sama. The best way to discover the beauty of southern Bolivia is obviously via horseback riding. However, if horseback riding is not your thing there are 4WD’s for rent for trekkers and amateurs. There are many crystalline natural pools and waterfalls in this region that reward the hard efforts of the most curious travelers. The most amazing adventurous place to explore in this region is the Chaco, this has an ecological paradise. It also displays the violent conflict between Paraguay and Bolivia from 1932 – 1936 due to the arrangement of the rich hydrocarbon deposits in their area which was gold to the eyes of many oil companies. Nowadays, this place is territory of the Guaranis Indian and jaguars.

Tupiza Bolivia
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