Tarija Bolivia

Tarija Bolivia

Tarija is a city located in the Southern part of Bolivia, and is situated 6,083 feet above sea level near the Guadalquivir River. This city is also one of the nine Bolivian government departments which include; La Paz, Pando, Beni, Cochabamba, Potosi, Oruro, Chuquisaca, and Santa Cruz. And was founded by the renowned Luis de Fuentes. It was first named as San Bernardo de la Frontera de Tarija, and it was also one of the oldest settlements in Bolivia. The city’s inhabitants were primarily known for their religious festivals and processions. Even though the city can be reached by road and air, the transport of products such as vegetables, potatoes, wheat and grapes is still difficult. Wine production is its main activity and this has contributed much in the growth of the city.

Today, it’s more prosperous and is known for its booming middle-class, and is one of fastest growing city economically, due to its wine industry and gas reserves. By the way, its the home of the Juan Misael Saracho Bolivian University. Located in the agricultural region, the vineyard-filled valley, dry mountain scenery and Mediterranean climate surrounds it. It’s a safe, welcoming and clean city, nothing beats this city as it’s one of the most beautiful places in Bolivia. Tourist planning to visit can look forward to exclusive hotels, expeditions, and tours around the city.

Tarija, The Country’s Best Kept Secret

Photo of Tarija Bolivia

Photo of Tarija Bolivia

The rural landscape of this city include lakes and rivers that are bordered with vineyards, and is also surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery and valleys. The sunny blue skies and mild climate all year round complete its setting. The good thing about the city is that it showcases a small-town feel. The Chapacos are easy-going and friendly people, who are very proud of their colonial heritage and indigenous tribe. This city is near some of the main attractions in Bolivia such as the Salar de Uyuni, Sucre and Potosi, and is one of the top 3 wine destinations in the South America.

Getting There

The airport connections with Santa Cruz, Sucre, Cochabamba and La Paz. There were also international services from and to Salta in Argentina. While private shuttles are also available, which means ease and convenience on your part. There are also buses tours where you’ll be taken around the main cities such as the mentioned above. When touring from Tarija to the Salt Flats, you will only be driving your rental car for six hours. That’s right only six hours 😉

By than you will have reached the spectacular landscapes and be able to enjoy the escapade more. Tupiza will be your center of departure for a tour to the Uyuni Salt Flats or Salar de Uyuni in Southern Bolivia.

What to Do

There are lots of tourist attractions and activities for all budgets and tastes. The Nature Tours are only twelve miles away from the city. You will also like the protected areas around such as the Parque Nacional Aguarague and Reserva Nacional Tariquia. Also, explore the Southern Skies and nightsky excursion at the astronomical observatory in Santa Ana. Powerful and modern telescopes will allow you to observe constellations, planets and a whole lot more.

The city’s basin is where you may also search for dinosaur bones and fossils. Bottom line – it’s a really, really beautiful place worth visiting 🙂

Tarija Bolivia
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