Facts About Bolivia

Facts About Bolivia

Welcome to awesome, cool, and weird facts about Bolivia!

Sometimes (okay most of the time) Bolivia amazes me, there’s just sooooo much stuff here that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth! These hard to believe, not a chance in…. (you fill in the blank 😉 facts are all true! So, just sit back and prepare to be amazed!

Nature Facts About Bolivia!

Puya Raimondii - Bolivia

The Puya Raimondii found only in Bolivia and Peru is the world’s largest flower and it blooms about once every 100 years!

Butterfly Sanctuary - Santa Cruz Bolivia

Located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary!

Bolivia Biodiversity

The “B” in Bolivia should stand for biodiversity because 40% of all plant life and animal life on the planet can be found in this country due to its location and climate in the tropics that allow abundant ecosystems.

Food Facts About Bolivia!

Food in Bolivia - Guinea Pig

Did you ever own a guinea pig as a kid? I did, her name was Cleopatra (my little sisters named her). However in Bolivia the guinea pig isn’t a cute little furry pet you can cuddle, no it’s dinner! ;( Especially during the Bolivian holidays! Luckily Cleopatra never made it to Bolivia 😉

Food in Bolivia - Roasted Armadillo

Roasted armadillo is another common delicacy in Bolivia. It supposedly tastes great, since I’ve never owned an armadillo I might actually take a bite…or two.

Food in Bolivia - Vegetables

Many different types of vegetables and other foods including; yucca, chili peppers, the common bean, the peanut, and a wide variety of peppers are thought to have originated in Bolivia. Which is also the home of over 4,000 species of potatoes; now the most important question is…. Do they have enough ketchup for all those French fries?
Lame joke I know 😉

Cool Facts About Bolivia!

Bolivia - Highest Cities

Two of the highest cities in the world are located in Bolivia, first place goes to Potosi and La Paz comes in second, by the way in 1570 Potosi was the world’s most populated city!

Bolivia - Death Road

The “Death Road” located in Bolivia is the most dangerous road on the planet! An estimate in 2006 stated that 200-300 people are killed on this road every year.

Bolivia - Pacha Mama Mother Earth

Some Bolivians (especially miners) still worship the “Pacha mama” (Mother Earth) and El Tio (The Uncle) an underworld lord with sacrifices.

Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni located in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt deposit and when it rains a thin of water forms on the surface also making it the world’s largest natural mirror that’s used to coordinate satellites!

Bolivia - Lithium Deposit

As if that weren’t enough Bolivia is also home to the world’s largest lithium deposit it’s buried under all that salt!

Facts About Bolivia
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