Cities in Bolivia

Cities in Bolivia

The cities in Bolivia are of stunning landscapes, great beauty, and unique attractions. Bolivia is a country with the highest capital city, lakes, jungles, mountains, and the largest salt flat in the word! The cities may not be the easiest place to travel in, but have the best cuisine, and the warmest people. The cities stands out as a top-notch travel destination for many reasons, primarily because of the diversity of its landscape. Here, you can have the greatest experience of dazzling natural beauty that is very, very unique. While the highlights of Bolivia are many, it’s cities stuck out as “must see”, that you cannot miss if you visit this beautiful South American country. These cities provide great contrast of all that there is to see in one country thats around 3x the size of the state of Montana.

Cities in Bolivia

La Paz Bolivia

1. La Paz – As the world’s highest capital city, sitting at around 4.1 thousand meters, La Paz is a great introduction to the diversity of Bolivia. A picturesque city that is set in a valley surrounded by peaks that are covered with snow, La Paz offers anything that a traveler may want. This bustling metropolis provides top-notch cuisines, everything from; traditional food, to Indian food, also a rousing nightlife, accommodations of all sizes, prices, and activities for everyone. The crazy traffic, ornate churches, giant markets, Presidential Palace, and impressive architecture await you in La Paz.

Coroico Bolivia

2. Coroico – Traveling in Bolivia may be a tough business, even more so for backpackers that have a low budget. The roads and buses are challenging, and an overland travel may take much time even for the most experienced travelers. Luckily, as one of the great cities in the country, Coroico, is here to whisk all of your worries away! Several hours outside La Paz, this city is perched on a hill in the subtropical Yunga Valley, and is set near banana and orange groves with condors that circle overhead.

Pampas Bolivia

3. The Pampas – One of the top places to visit that should be on the “to-do” list of any traveler while traveling in South America is a trip to the Amazon jungle and see the mystical wildlife. Most people think Brazil automatically when contemplating the famous tropical sites in the world, but beautiful parts of the jungle can be seen in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Copacabana Bolivia

4. Copacabana – If you are lucky enough to travel around South America, and you visit both Peru and the cities in Bolivia, Copacabana is a cannot-be-missed destination. Sitting on one side of the highest navigable lake around the world, Lake Titicaca is near the charming town of Copacabana.

Uyuni Bolivia

5. Uyuni – If the Salt Flats tour is not on your travel bucket list, you should consider adding it now. Why? Because the Salt Flats in Uyuni will be the definite highlight of your tour to South America! There are many, many more outstanding cities in this country that you may want to consider visiting during your trip to Bolivia. Enjoy the breathtaking view, fun activities, and the relaxing moments in this country of great beauty and unique attractions.

Cities in Bolivia
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