Beautiful Bolivia!

Bolivia is a majestic, geographically unique, democratically proud, multiethnic, (and as colorful as it’s many flags!) country that is located in South America. It’s surrounded northeast by the country of Brazil, Peru to the northwest, Chile to the southwest, and Paraguay and Argentina to the south.  It also owns half of Lake Titicaca (the other half belongs to Peru), which is the highest navigable lake in the world with a surface elevation of 12,507 feet.

This country is sometimes referred to as the Tibet of America because this is one of the most remote countries in South America.  The only two landlocked countries in South America are Paraguay and Bolivia.  Around 60% of its population is pure ancestry of Native Americans making it one of the most indigenous countries in South America. Population  The total population is over 10,556,102 Bolivians.

The capital of the country is Sucre (which is also known as Charcas, Chuquisaca, and La Plata) and has a population of over 300,000 people.  The largest city in the country is Santa Cruz which has a population of over 1,453,549 residents.

Map of Bolivia

Map of Bolivia

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Geography of Bolivia

The country covers a total land area of 424,163 sq. mi. which makes it a surprisingly large country.  The terrain of the country is one of the highest plains and mountains with some very high elevation that can sometimes lead to altitude sickness.  As a matter of fact, Potosi with an elevation of 13,420 feet is one of the highest cities in the world!  Next, is La Paz which is located at 11,975 feet above sea level making it the world’s highest capital city.

History of Bolivia

The country was named after Simon Bolivar, a leader from the Spanish American Wars of Independence; the name became official in 1825.  Much of the country’s subsequent history and it’s independence has involved a series of almost 200 counter coups and coups.  From 1932 – 1935 took place a war with Paraguay, this war is known as the Chaco War.  Comparatively, the democratic rule of civilian was established in 1980s, but the leaders have encountered many difficult problems regarding the deep-seated poverty, drug production, and social unrest.  The current goals of the country include; the attraction of foreign investment, waging campaign for anti-corruption, and strengthening the system for education.  Evo Morales is the current president of the country who won the majority of vote in 2005 election and he was inaugurated at the archeological historical site, Tiwanaku.  Evo Morales and his entire party, the Movement for the Socialism, were also re-elected with majority in 2009.  Oftentimes, there are large protests in the country regarding the issues such as highway construction, mining, auto imports, hydrocarbon extraction, logging, environment protection and many other issues.  These protests usually cause the shutdown of many streets in La Paz, specifically the surrounding area of Plaza Murillo, and create blockades along the major travel routes within the city.  Meaning, if you were travelling between the cities by bus, a common trip would take you many hours because of these protests.

Climate of Bolivia

The climate in this country varies drastically from one climate zone to another depending on the altitude of the city you plan to visit.  It usually ranges from tropical and humid to semiarid and cold.  In most of the parts of country, winters are typically dry and the summers are rather wet.  After all, this is one of the wettest countries in the world, it gets over 16 feet of rain every year!

Despite of the tropical latitude of the Bolivian country, altitude of the cities like the La Paz can keep things very cools and the warm clothing is highly-advised year-round.  The country’s summer months are from November to March.  Typically, the weather in these months is wetter and warmer. The months between April and October, which are the winter months, are usually drier and colder.

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