Bolivia Holidays

Bolivia Holidays

Colorful, exciting, and unique Bolivia holidays, festivals or parades are taking place across the country monthly! Bolivians are skilled at finding a reason (any reason:) for a party, festival, or celebration. The best part is you don’t need to wait very long to enjoy the festivals or holidays. Chances are if your in Bolivia you’ll see a parade marching down the street at any moment! Aside from the public holidays that are mostly held with great pomp, there are also regional and local celebrations in this country that are held with even more pomp 😉

Just Look At How Colorful The Bolivia Holidays Are!

Colorful Bolivia Holidays

Colorful Bolivia Holidays – Photo by Tetsuo MIYAMA

Public holidays are of course the days that the government recognizes and typically, people don’t have to work on those days (yay!) As I said Bolivians are party lovers and every year, many extra special occasions are being celebrated in grandiose and extravagant ways.

Holiday Parade in Bolivia

Holiday Parade in Bolivia – Photo by Tetsuo MIYAMA

Most of these special events are well-known like the Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. There are also many different celebrations which are unique to this country, for example, the “National Protected Areas Day.” And, the people of Bolivia are also given a special day to celebrate their pets (Hooray for Cleopatra!). As a matter of fact, you can find some events that are being held for almost each one of the United Nations Days. The United Nations Holidays are those special events that were set aside by the United Nations in order to commemorate and to create awareness for some issues such as; Earth Day, AIDS awareness, International Volunteers Day and many others. The state and church are theoretically (but not completely!) separate in the country since there are many events celebrated by Bolivians that are associated with religion, particularly the Roman Catholic religion. Most of these Bolivian traditions differ depending on the indigenous cultures of the region. However some of the Bolivian holidays and festivals are not celebrated once nation wide, but repeatively in different cities and regions of the country at different times of the year. For example; the Alasitas which is the Festival of Abundance.

In La Paz, this festival is celebrated in January, but in the city of Santa Cruz it is scheduled to be celebrated in September. These holidays could be celebrated by all or some Bolivians, and the case may depend on the region and religion. In most areas but not all, people are not required to work when there are festivals to be celebrated such as San Juan, Carnaval, and many more.

With all of these celebrations going on, you can definitely say that there are no dull moments in Bolivia!

Bolivia Holidays
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